Information for Parents

We are always needing volunteers to help in a variety of ways.  Volunteering includes coaching, painting fields, working in the concession stand, fund raising, bringing snacks—virtually anything to help the kids.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us to fill out a risk management application.

Parent Code of Conduct

Please download our parent code of content for your review.

Player Evaluation Process:

Purpose of the Evaluations:

We are a youth recreation soccer league that is designed to be a fun and developmental experience for all of our youth players.   We want teams to begin the year as balanced as possible.


Player Evaluation Scoring System:

All players will be evaluated based on a 1 – 3 scoring system in 4 different categories. 


  • Dribble

  • Pass

  • Shoot

  • 3 x 3 play


6 kids will be evaluated at a time.  After players are evaluated, they will be assigned a player evaluation # as either:

  • 3 = above average

  • 2 = average

  • 1 = inexperienced


Division of Teams:

CWVSA has a history of allowing players to return to the same team each year if they desire based on making a coach request.  In many ways, this can be a positive thing because coaches can pick up where they left off in their development of players.  It can also be a negative thing if coaches have recruited players through the coach request system.   In a true sense to make teams 100% fair and balanced, we would not allow players to requests coaches and just draft all new teams each league.


The question becomes, how do we honor coach requests and make teams fair and balanced.  Our solution is to evaluate all of the players so we can assign a total team composite score.   Each team will receive a composite score based on their returning players.  Teams with the highest composite scores will receive the most inexperienced new players and the teams with the lowest composite scores will receive the above average new players to each league.